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What Do The Numbers On A Bowling Ball Mean ?

Bowling balls are a game of numbers. The numbers not only indicate the weight of your ball, but also its diameter and circumference.

The mass and diameter of your bowling ball are very important in determining how it will react when thrown down the lane. The weight is determined by how much oil is put into the ball and how heavy that oil is. The diameter is determined by how far apart you drill holes in the ball, which in turn determines how close together they are on the inside.

The circumference of your bowling ball is simply the distance around it at any given point, or half its diameter multiplied by pi (3.14). This number determines how many revolutions your ball makes per second as it travels down the lane, which affects reaction time against your target pins.

If you’re wondering about bowling ball colors, they’re mostly just decoration except for when they indicate special designs such as reactive resin cores or surface treatment additives to make them more durable or perform better on certain types of surfaces (like bumpers).

A common misconception about bowling balls is that bigger is always better because it means more power behind each throw (more surface area means more friction with air molecules). However, this isn’t necessarily true if you’re not playing on a standard-sized lane.

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Last modified: August 18, 2022