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What Do Guys Think About Modesty?

I think men are very visual creatures and they like to see a woman in revealing clothing.

I also think that men judge women on their looks, but they also judge them on their modesty. It’s a double standard because some guys would prefer if women didn’t wear revealing clothing (or at least not as much), but if a woman dresses too modestly then she might be considered “out of touch” with her sexuality or she might be seen as being “too religious”.

I think that there are so many different types of guys out there and it’s not fair for me to generalize all men into one category. Some guys want to see a lot of skin, while other guys want to see more covered up.

Some guys want their wives/girlfriends to dress sexy when they go out, while other guys don’t care what they wear outside the house. Each guy has his own preferences and you have to know what your man’s preferences are before making any decisions about what you should wear in public.

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Last modified: September 25, 2022