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What Divided By 5 Equals 5 ?

In mathematics, division is the operation of scaling an amount by a size. For example, if one is dividing 5 into 2, one must multiply by 2 to get the answer of 2. With division, the answer will always be smaller than the number that is being divided by. You can use division to find out how many times larger or smaller something is than another number.

Example: Divide 5 into 5 and write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.

Answer: 1/2 (1/2) x 5 = 2

The answer here is 1/2 because we have divided 5 by 2, which equals 2. We know this because we are dividing a whole number by another whole number (and), so we can use simple division to find our answer. If you need help with this process, check out our guide on how to solve fractions problems.

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Last modified: August 16, 2022