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What Did John Calvin And Martin Luther Have In Common?

John Calvin and Martin Luther were both theologians and reformers who played an important role in the Protestant Reformation. They are also often seen as the two most important figures of the Reformation.

Calvin was a French theologian whose writings were influential in the development of Protestantism. He emphasized predestination, or the idea that God had already determined who would be saved and who would be condemned to hell. He also taught that people were justified by faith alone without any works and that baptism was only symbolic.

Luther was a German priest who disagreed with many of the teachings of the Catholic Church. His 95 Theses provided a theological foundation for his later work, which included arguments against indulgences and other practices he believed were corruptions of Christianity. He also created an evangelical church based on his understanding of scripture alone that rejected many Catholic traditions.

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Last modified: November 15, 2022