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What Companies Sponsor The Masters?

The Masters is one of the most prestigious events in sports, and it is sponsored by several companies.

In addition to being one of the oldest sporting events in the world, The Masters also has a long list of sponsors. Here are some of them:

Companies That Sponsor The Masters

Coca-Cola – Coca-Cola has been sponsoring The Masters since 1986 and has been an official partner since 2010. The company offers special promotions around the tournament, including giveaways and discounts on drinks at concession stands inside Augusta National Golf Club.

FedEx – FedEx signed an agreement in 2009 to become the official shipping provider for The Masters. In exchange for their sponsorship, FedEx has received the rights to use images from the tournament on its trucks and planes.

KPMG – KPMG has been a sponsor at The Masters since 2011 when it signed an agreement with IBM to become IBM’s official auditor. IBM provides IT services for The Masters in exchange for marketing opportunities for KPMG during major tournaments like The Open Championship and PGA Championship.

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Last modified: October 2, 2022