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What Color Is Pinkish Orange?

In the RGB color model, it is created by mixing red and orange at full saturation. Pinkish orange is considered an achromatic color, meaning it can be used in all types of lighting conditions. It is not as bright as either pure red or pure orange, so it works well for backgrounds.

The web color pinkish orange has been represented in various ways since the early days of computing. Although it was first introduced in 1972, its appearance varied slightly depending on the operating system and hardware being used. The first recorded use of pinkish orange as a web color was in 1996, when it was defined as the CSS2 color “mediumvioletred”.

The name “pinkish orange” originated from Crayola crayons. In 1958 they renamed their red crayon “Cherry Red” to avoid confusion with their existing “Scarlet” crayon. However, they still needed a name for their new reddish-orange crayon (which was actually closer to scarlet than cherry), so they chose “Orange Red”. This naming conflict lasted until 1998 when Crayola renamed the red crayon back to its original name of “Cherry.

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Last modified: November 21, 2022