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What Colleges Don’t Look At Freshman Year Grades ?

In general, colleges won’t look at your freshman year grades. They’re more interested in your overall GPA, which includes grades from all four years.

So if you had a rough first semester, don’t panic. You can still get into a good school, as long as your overall GPA is strong.

Some schools do look at freshman year grades, but only under certain circumstances. For example:

If you’re applying to a competitive program and have an especially low GPA from your first semester or two, some schools may ask you to retake those courses during the summer before starting college so they can consider the new grade for admission purposes. However, this isn’t common practice and usually only happens at highly selective private schools that are looking for perfection in applicants’ transcripts.

If you’re applying early action or early decision (commonly referred to as ED), some schools will take into account your first semester grades when making their acceptance decisions — but only if they’re exceptionally low or high compared with what follows in the rest of your transcript.

If there’s not much difference between those initial grades and your later ones, then colleges won’t use them at all when making their decisions about whether or not to admit you (unless it’s been less than 12 months since.

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Last modified: August 14, 2022