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What Causes A Mini Split To Freeze Up ?

It’s winter, and you’re sitting in front of your home comfort system when suddenly the indoor temperature drops. The thermostat is set at 70 degrees, but the room feels like it’s 60 degrees or so. You look out the window and see snowflakes whirling past. What caused this sudden change?

The answer is simple: The outdoor condenser unit for your mini split air conditioner froze up, which can happen to any system if it isn’t properly protected against extreme cold.

When it comes to outdoor units, freeze protection starts with selecting the correct type of refrigerant for your climate zone (see our previous blog post on selecting a refrigerant). In colder climates, you want to use R410A refrigerant. In some regions where winters are very mild or mild enough that they might not require A/C service until after Memorial Day, you can use R22 refrigerant instead — although it requires less maintenance and has fewer potential leak points than R410A.

Once you’ve selected a refrigerant that works for your area, you need to determine how much insulation is required for the outdoor unit; this depends on how far away from indoors it sits and how much wind.

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Last modified: August 17, 2022