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What Are Platinum Keywords Amazon?

Amazon has a number of search terms that are considered “platinum keywords.” These are the most popular phrases used by Amazon shoppers and they can be extremely lucrative for sellers who rank for them.

Platinum keywords have a high concentration of searches across all categories, which makes them easy to rank for. They are high-volume, high-revenue keywords. In some cases, Amazon will even allow you to bid on these keywords in sponsored ads.

Sellers can find out which keywords are platinum keywords by looking at the estimated monthly search volume from the Keyword Planner tool in Seller Central.

Amazon’s own products such as the Echo and Kindle Fire will appear in the list of Platinum Keywords because they are products that people want to buy. However, you can also find other products that have high search volumes (and therefore potential sales) by doing a simple Google search on your own product page.

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Last modified: November 19, 2022