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What Animals Eat Wheat?

Wheat is a grass that is grown around the world as a grain. It’s also used to make flour and other products. Wheat is one of the most important plants in the world because it’s used to make bread, pasta, cakes and other foods.

Wheat is not only eaten by people; many animals eat it as well. Some animals eat wheat grains directly from the field, while others eat the wheat that has been processed into flour or other products.

Some animals such as field mice and rabbits eat wheat seeds directly from fields of ripening wheat plants. These seeds are high in protein and fat but low in fiber so they provide an easy source of food for small animals who can’t find enough plant material to eat in their natural habitat.

Cattle feed on wheat straw after they finish eating the grain itself. Straw contains lots of nutrients that cattle need to stay healthy but doesn’t contain much sugar or starch so cattle won’t eat it unless there isn’t any other food available to them at that time.

Rabbits also like to chew on wheat stalks when they’re available because they contain lots of nutrients that rabbits need for energy and growth.

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Last modified: October 31, 2022