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What Angle Is 130 Degrees ?

The degree symbol is represented by a small circle that looks like a tiny pie. When you’re writing out the word “degree,” it’s often written as “°” or “°C.” It’s also used in math to represent an angle, which is the space between two lines, or the distance from zero to 360 degrees around something (like a circle).

A circle has 360 degrees around it, so when you make a triangle (a shape with three sides) with that circle, you can divide it up into 180-degree angles and 60-degree angles.

An angle of 90 degrees would be a right angle. An angle of 180 degrees would be straight up and down — facing directly at someone who was standing at your side. An angle of 270 degrees would be directly behind you — facing away from someone who was standing at your side. An angle of 360 degrees would be all the way around — facing directly behind someone who was standing at your side or facing directly in front of him/her as well.

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Last modified: August 14, 2022