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This Is Why I Hate Video Games Original Video?

If you’ve ever had a child who was obsessed with video games, then you’re probably familiar with the signs of video game addiction. Video game addiction isn’t just a stereotype, either — it’s very real and has been recognized as a serious mental health issue by doctors and psychologists for decades now.

Here are some signs that your child may be addicted to video games:

They spend hours playing every day, even if they have other obligations or commitments they need to keep (such as work or school).

They don’t seem interested in anything else except their video games. They won’t go out with friends or participate in other activities unless they can do them while playing their favorite game(s).

They get upset when asked to stop playing. This can manifest itself as anger or even violence if you try to physically remove them from their game console or computer. They might also throw temper tantrums or cry if they feel like they’re being deprived of something that is important to them (even if it isn’t).

They sacrifice family time in order to play more games. This could include missing bedtime stories with their children, spending less time with their spouse

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Last modified: October 14, 2022