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There Is No God Here ?

There is no god here?, said a voice in the darkness, and the echo of it came back from the walls.

Is that true? thought Arthur, or is it just what I want to believe? He had heard such doubts often enough before, but now he was unable to silence them. If there were any gods at all, would they not have made themselves more evident? If they existed at all, they surely would not have allowed their creation to fall into the hands of such cruel creatures as the Vogons.

He looked around him at the cold stony floor and up at the dark ceiling above him. It was completely silent except for his own breathing and an occasional drip of water from somewhere; there was nothing else to distract him from his thoughts. It’s not just that there are no gods here, he thought; it’s that there is no one here at all.

And then suddenly he wasn’t alone any more: another person had entered his cell with him—a young girl dressed in a white gown with long blonde hair down her back and blue eyes shining like stars in her pale face. She was so beautiful that Arthur found himself unable to speak as she walked towards him with a smile on.

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Last modified: September 25, 2022