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The Wireless Customer Is Not Available?

To reach a customer, you can call or send an email. Both are effective, but neither is a perfect solution.

Telephone calls are great for one-on-one interaction and building relationships, but they aren’t always the best option for reaching a large number of people at once. In some cases, a phone call is too intrusive — for example, if you’re calling someone who works at home during the day and doesn’t want to be disturbed by an incoming call.

Email is better suited for mass communication because it’s easier to scale up than phone calls and there’s no risk of an awkward conversation if someone doesn’t want to talk. However, when the person you’re contacting needs more information or wants to speak with you in person, email doesn’t offer enough flexibility.

When people have questions about your product or service and need help from your customer support team, they often turn to social media instead of calling or emailing because it gives them the opportunity to ask their question publicly and get answers from other people as well as your company representative.

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Last modified: November 15, 2022