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Sasaki Haise Is Kaneki Ken?

In the anime, Haise is a former ghoul investigator named Kaneki who became a ghoul after being tortured by Yamori and later saved by Touka Kirishima. He also has a crush on Touka and they both share their love for coffee.

In the manga, Haise is a child who was experimented on by Rize Kamishiro and turned into an artificial one-eyed ghoul. After escaping from Aogiri Tree, he goes to Anteiku and becomes the new owner of the place after his predecessor died. He starts working there as a waiter and becomes acquainted with Arima Kishou, who comes to visit every now and then.

Sasaki has no recollection of his past prior to becoming an artificial one-eye ghoul. He claims that he had no memory of anything prior to waking up naked in an alley near Anteiku with his left arm missing (he was actually trying to save someone from being killed by CCG). It is revealed that he was once one of Arima’s test subjects before the latter took him in as his apprentice so he could learn how to use quinques.

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Last modified: October 15, 2022