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Samsung Power Cool How Long ?

Samsung has announced its new Power Cooling technology, which it claims can cool your Galaxy S10 phone in under a minute.

The company says the new feature will launch on the Galaxy S10 line, but it could potentially be used on other devices in the future.

Samsung says it’s able to achieve this with a “patented double cooling system,” which uses both liquid and air cooling to draw heat away from the phone’s processor and other internal components. The company says this results in an overall improvement in performance efficiency by 15 percent, which translates into longer battery life for users.

“Power Cool technology is a major step forward for Samsung smartphones that takes mobile cooling to the next level,” said Younghee Lee, president of mobile communications at Samsung Electronics. “This breakthrough innovation delivers faster-than-ever speeds by intelligently applying both liquid and air cooling technologies together.”

There are two ways you can activate Power Cool on your phone: By pressing down on the power button twice or by launching Quick Panel (which you can swipe toward). Once activated, your phone will start emitting water vapor from its back panel while also blowing cool air toward it.

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Last modified: September 5, 2022