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New Irelia Is Broken?

Irelia is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. She has a huge fan base and a large following. She is also one of the most picked champions in professional games. So when Riot announced that they were going to be changing her playstyle, it was inevitable that the community would react negatively to this change.

The changes are pretty simple but significant. The first change is that her Q will no longer scale with AD, but instead scale with AP. The second change is that her E now requires a target to activate, instead of just pressing E and being able to auto attack immediately afterwards.

These changes add up to make Irelia much more reliant on her abilities than before, making them harder for new players to use effectively and reducing their effectiveness against tanks who have high amounts of health or armor because they will have less damage output overall due to these changes.

The main complaint from players about these changes is that they feel like Irelia will be easier prey for assassins such as Zed or Talon because she won’t have as much burst as before and will be forced into using her abilities more often due to the lower damage values on her basic attacks from these changes. While this may be true, I think it’s important not.

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Last modified: October 22, 2022