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My Doyfriend Doesn T Look At Me When We Make Love ?

hi, my boyfriend doesn t look at me when we make love ? its like he is not interested in me and just wants to do it fast and then leave. I love him alot but i need some answers…can you help me?

I am so sorry for your situation. This is an emotional problem which you need to deal with. But first you should know that there are many reasons why a man does not look into his partner’s eyes while making love. It can be because he lacks the emotional bonding with his partner or he may be afraid of showing his feelings, especially if he has done something wrong. Or it could also be because he is not comfortable with his own body or face.

If your boyfriend does not want to talk about this problem then you should take some steps. First you should discuss this issue with him but it is best not to force him as forcing will only create more distance between both of you and worsen things further. Instead try to understand what he feels and give him time to open up if possible. If that doesn’t work then take professional help from someone who can guide both of you towards resolving your issues.

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Last modified: August 11, 2022