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Is Uncw A Party School?

UNCW is a party school. The students are very diverse, but the majority of them come from North Carolina. There are two different types of students at UNCW: those who want to go to college and get their education and those who want to party.

The cost of tuition per semester is around $2,000.00. If you live in a dorm on campus, it will cost $6,600.00 per year including room and board. If you live off campus and commute to campus, it will cost around $5,000.00 per year including books and supplies (less if you commute by bus).

There are many different clubs and organizations on campus that you can join in order to meet new people and make friends. There are also several sports teams that compete at the national level like rugby, soccer and basketball.

In my opinion UNCW is not a good school for someone who wants to get an education because there aren’t many classes offered during the day so if you have a job or other responsibilities then it could be difficult for you to attend class during regular hours; however if you’re looking for something fun then UNCW would be perfect!

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Last modified: November 8, 2022