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Is Smoking In The Bathroom A Good Idea ?

There are some obvious health reasons. For example, smoking causes cancer. Smoking also causes heart disease, stroke and many other conditions. And if you smoke in your home or workplace, it can make the air you breathe less healthy for others as well.

But there’s another reason not to smoke in the bathroom: It can be dangerous to your health!

Smoking in the bathroom is dangerous because it increases the risk of fire. When you light up a cigarette, a match or lighter, you create a flame that could catch on something flammable — like paper towels or toilet paper — sooty buildup on pipes or other items in the room. If there’s enough heat, sparks or embers could ignite something on fire that would spread quickly throughout your house if it isn’t put out right away.

Smoking also makes it harder for people with asthma because it triggers asthma attacks by narrowing airways and making them more sensitive. Asthma attacks can be very serious and even life-threatening if they go untreated — especially if they happen while someone is sleeping (as they often do).

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Last modified: August 16, 2022