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Is Kelvin more accurate than Celsius?

Kelvin and Celsius are both temperature scales. They are just different ways of measuring the same thing.

We can use either scale for the same purpose. If you want to know what it feels like outside, you can use a thermometer in Celsius or Kelvin. If you’re making a cake or cooking dinner, you can follow a recipe in Celsius or Kelvin.

Some people think that Kelvin is more accurate than Celsius because it has smaller units (1 K = 1 degree C). But this isn’t true — they’re just different ways of measuring the same thing.

Kelvin is used more often by scientists and engineers because it makes it easier to compare temperatures between different substances (like air and water). But most people don’t need this level of precision when talking about everyday things like food and weather.

So which one should you use? You could use both! That’s what I do — I always check my temperature with both scales because it’s fun to see how close they are together!

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Last modified: July 29, 2022