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Is It More Than Sex?

Sex is a normal part of human life, but it can be confusing. Young people often wonder if their sexual feelings mean they’re in love. They also may have questions about what’s normal for other people and whether their feelings are normal for them.

Many young people have feelings of attraction toward others. These feelings might be stronger than what you feel for your friends, but they aren’t necessarily love. It takes time to find out who you are and what makes you happy in life. If you have strong feelings for someone, enjoy spending time together and want to get married someday, then it’s probably love.

If your interest in someone doesn’t seem to go away after a few months or even years, then he or she may be someone special to you — but not necessarily “the one” who will make you happy forever. And if the other person doesn’t seem interested in having a serious relationship with you, then maybe it’s time to move on and look for someone who does want that kind of commitment

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Last modified: October 15, 2022