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Is A Webcam An Input Or Output Device?

A webcam is an input device. It captures a digital image and transmits it to the computer.

A webcam is a camera that is connected to a computer and used for video chatting over the Internet, or for making video recordings to share with others. A web cam is often built into computers or other electronic devices such as televisions, but can also be connected externally as an add-on device.

Webcams are known as video cameras because they can record video footage, and many support some form of audio recording as well. They are also sometimes called “video webcams” because they can transmit live videos over the World Wide Web.

Webcams are very popular in business settings because they allow people in different locations to communicate visually without having to travel. They are also used by security personnel as monitoring devices, allowing them to keep tabs on employees or customers without actually being present at the site of their operation.

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Last modified: October 25, 2022