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Is a Jaguar a Carnivore Herbivore or Omnivore ?

A jaguar is a carnivore and an omnivore. A jaguar’s diet varies depending on the region, season and prey availability.

In the Amazon rainforest, a jaguar’s diet consists mainly of fish and turtles, as well as birds, reptiles and small mammals. Jaguars also eat armadillos, anteaters and raccoons.

Jaguars living in drier regions will eat more terrestrial prey such as rabbits, peccaries and capybaras — large rodents found in South America — along with smaller animals like porcupines. The jaguar also scavenges carcasses of larger animals when they’re available.

In captivity, jaguars have been known to eat any species of meat that’s offered to them, including beef, chicken or pork even dog food if they’re hungry enough.

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Last modified: July 31, 2022