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If Someone’s Snap Score Goes Up Are They Ignoring You?

If you’ve noticed that your crush’s Snapchat score is going up, it could mean that they’re ignoring you.

A Snapchat score is a way for friends to rate your snaps. You can see how many people have viewed the snap and how many people have rated it. The higher the number of views and ratings, the better.

If someone views your snap but doesn’t rate it, then their score will go down by one point. If they do nothing at all, their score will stay the same. When someone views and rates your snap, their score will go up by one point as well as yours if it’s connected to theirs.

If someone’s Snapchat score goes up, then it means they are getting more views on their stories or direct messages than usual. That could be because they posted something very interesting or because someone has been viewing a lot of their recent posts without rating them (or both).

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Last modified: November 3, 2022