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If I Had A Warning Label What Would It Say?

I may be exactly what you want, but I will never be what you expect. I am a black sheep. A rebel in the making. My mind is not easily changed and my heart is not easily broken. I am a finicky eater and an indecisive shopper.

I have a short attention span and a long memory. The first time we meet will probably be awkward, because I am not good with people who try too hard to impress me or act like they know me better than they really do. But that’s okay because we’ll get past it soon enough and start laughing about it together later on down the road when we are old and gray sitting on our front porch swing reminiscing about all our firsts together as friends.

I’m gonna tell you right now, some things about me:

I like men who are tall with nice smiles and big muscles, but only if they can make me laugh at least once every hour, every day for the rest of my life (which might seem silly but it’s important). If he doesn’t make me laugh then he better make me feel safe or else there’s no use trying to keep him around because he will never be able to handle all my.

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Last modified: October 9, 2022