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How To Zoom Out Playlist Fl Studio?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to zoom out playlist fl studio.

  1. In your main window, click on the button in the middle of the view area. When you click on that button, it will open up a menu and there will be an option called “View”. Click on that option and you will see a new menu with options like “Fit”, “Fill”, etc.,
  2. To zoom out playlist fl studio, choose one of the options from the list like Fit or Fill. These two options make your playlist fit into the whole screen or fill every part of it respectively. If you want to go back to normal view then you can choose Zoom (1x)
  3. Click the View menu and select Show MIDI Mixer.
  4. Click the View menu, select Show SMPTE, and click on the SMPTE button to display it.
  5. Select the Time Signature drop-down menu, then click on Change Time Signature. The Change Time Signature dialog box will appear with a default value of 4/4.
  6. Edit the time signature as needed by adjusting the top number (quarter note) or bottom number (eighth note).
  7. Click OK to confirm changes and return to the project view.
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Last modified: October 29, 2022