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How To Wear An Aiguillette?

An aiguillette is a cord or strap worn around the shoulder and clipped at the top of the left shoulder. The aiguillette can be seen on uniforms of military officers, police officers and others who have been awarded certain medals or decorations.

The most visible example of this is in the United States military where officers wear an aiguillette on the right shoulder if they are members of a service branch that requires one. For example, if an officer is in the United States Marine Corps, he will wear an aiguillette with his uniform even if he has not earned any medals or awards for his service.

The cords represent different medals and awards that an officer has received throughout his career. These may include ribbons for combat service, valor awards and commendations from superior officers.

Aiguillettes are also worn by non-military personnel as well as civilians who have been awarded honors by their government or countrymen.

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Last modified: October 14, 2022