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How To Tip A Stripper?

Tipping a stripper is an important part of the experience, as it shows her how much you enjoyed her performance. The amount you tip a stripper depends on how well she performed and what you think she deserves.

The stripper will usually ask for a tip at the end of her dance. If you’re not sure how much to give, here are some guidelines:

For lap dances, $20 is appropriate if it’s your first time or if she’s just getting started. For more experienced dancers, $50 might be better. If you don’t know her well and aren’t sure what to tip, ask another dancer in the club what he would give her for a lap dance. Most clubs have a tipping jar where you can put your money when you’re done.

For table dances, $20-$100 is appropriate depending on how long the dance lasted and whether she did any extras such as touching herself or going down on him (called “the GFE” – girlfriend experience). Some dancers may ask for more than this but it’s best not to go too crazy unless you know her well or have seen her before and know that she does more than just dance for money (in which case she should be getting paid more anyway).

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Last modified: November 6, 2022