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How To Tie Dye Around A Logo?

Tie-dye is a great way to create your own unique and personalized clothing. You can use tie-dye to dye any type of fabric, including cotton, linen and rayon. The process of tie-dyeing is simple, but it does require some preparation and patience.

Step 1

Wash your fabric in hot water with some detergent to remove any dirt or oils from the surface. Rinse thoroughly, then dry the fabric completely before starting the dyeing process. If you are using different colors of dye, wash each color separately in order to avoid mixing colors together.

Step 2

Use rubber bands to tie off areas on your shirt that you don’t want dyed, such as collars or cuffs. This will help prevent those areas from being dyed when you apply the dye later on in the process. You will also want to secure any loose ends of thread or string so that they don’t get tangled up during the dying process.

Step 3

Put two tablespoons each of salt and soda ash into a plastic bucket or container large enough for your garment to fit inside comfortably without stretching out excessively while still allowing room for stirring with one hand while holding down with another hand if necessary in order to keep it.

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Last modified: October 11, 2022