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How To Tame A Dolphin In Minecraft 1.13?

Dolphins are a type of aquatic mob which can be found in oceans. They can be tamed and bred, and it is possible to make them wear armor and saddles, which will turn them into dolphins that can be ridden by the player.

Dolphins spawn naturally in groups of up to four, with two or three being most common. They frequently swim around in packs, and are often seen swimming alongside other sea creatures such as turtles, seagulls and squids. Dolphins will swim away if they detect nearby hostile mobs such as squid or octopi in their vicinity.

To tame a dolphin spawn egg you will need to craft it using two redstone dust on top of each other then put it in a crafting bench along with 4 iron ingots and 2 gold nuggets to get your dolphin spawn egg

The first step for taming any animal is to give them food so they don’t starve to death while you try to tame them. For the dolphin you need to feed them fish (or raw fish). To do this simply throw the fish into the water near your dolphin so it swims over it then wait until its mouth opens then throw another piece of food in there until its full (you should see little hearts coming out of its eyes).

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Last modified: September 24, 2022