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How To Stop Water Meter From Spinning?

If you want to stop your water meter from spinning then you need to check the following.

If there is an immediate problem with the water meter or if it’s not registering the amount of water that passes through it, then you should contact your local water utility provider. They will be able to get someone out to fix the problem for you.

If there are no immediate problems and the meter is just spinning, then there are a few things that you can do to stop it from spinning.

The first thing you need to do when your water meter is spinning is check the meter itself for any damage or defects. If there are any cracks or holes in the outer glass casing of your meter then these could cause it to spin continuously. If this is the case then you may need to replace your current meter with a new one.

This is something that only qualified technicians should do as they will know how much pressure needs to be applied during installation in order to stop this problem occurring again later down the line.

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Last modified: July 31, 2022