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How To Stop On A Fixed Gear Bike?

If you have a fixed-gear bike, you’ll need to learn how to stop. If you don’t know how to stop on a fixie, here are some tips:

The most common way of stopping on a fixed-gear bike is by backpedaling (pedal backwards) and skidding the rear wheel. You can also use your brakes and/or lock up your rear wheel by pedaling forward.

If you’re going downhill or want to stop quickly, backpedaling will often work best. If you’re going uphill or aren’t in a hurry, locking up your rear wheel is better because it gives you more control over where your bike goes when it stops than simply backpedaling does.

If you’re going downhill, start pedaling backwards as soon as possible after hitting the brakes so that your momentum will help carry you through the intersection or turn safely at the bottom of the hill.

If you’re going uphill and want to stop slowly enough to not fall over when approaching an intersection or turn, try using both your brakes and backward pedaling at the same time (push down on both levers at once). This will slow down your speed without causing skidding or locking up your.

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Last modified: October 9, 2022