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How To Steal Money From A Vending Machine?

The vending machine is one of the most common and accessible sources of money in the world. A vending machine can be found in almost every place and it’s usually filled with items that you want. However, how do you get money from a vending machine? The answer is simple. You need to know how to steal from a vending machine.

The first step of stealing from a vending machine is to get some change before you try to steal money from it. There are various ways to get change, but one of them is by asking someone who has coins or dollar bills and asking them if they have any change left over after paying for something at the counter. If they say yes, then ask them for some change and give them your dollar bill in exchange for their change (you should keep an eye on how much they give you).

Another way is to go over to an ATM machine, withdraw some cash from it, then go over to the vending machine and buy something with the cash that you withdrew from the ATM machine (you may need ID). Once again, make sure that you don’t spend all of your money on one item because this will cause suspicion among onlookers who may think that you are trying to steal something from the vending.

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Last modified: October 31, 2022