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How To Shrink Nike Shorts ?

The opposite color of grey is white. The complementary color of grey is black.

The complementary color of grey is the color that has the highest contrast with it. On a color wheel, the complementary color of grey is black.

The secondary color scheme for grey is red, blue and green. It uses two colors spaced evenly from either side of white’s complement, which is always opposite to its primary color scheme on the RGB or CMYK color wheel. The secondary scheme is often used as an accent or highlight color, as in an accent wall (usually referred to as a feature wall).

Grey can be considered a neutral because it isn’t associated with any particular emotion. That said, there are many shades of grey that have been associated with different emotions over time and across cultures:

Darker greys can convey a mood like sadness or despair; lighter greys can be calming or peaceful; dark grey can feel somber; light grey can feel positive and uplifting; dark grey can make you look thinner or taller; light grey makes clothes look bigger and baggier.

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Last modified: August 9, 2022