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How To Screenshot On A Stylo 4?

This is pretty easy: just press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time. You’ll hear a click or see a screen flash, which means you’ve successfully captured what’s on your screen. If you’re using a stylus, you can also press the Air button on the side of your phone while pressing the buttons mentioned above.

How to take a screenshot on a Galaxy Note 10+

The process is similar to taking one on an S10 phone. However, because there are no physical buttons on the front of this phone, you’ll need to use either S Pen or gestures to capture screenshots on this device. The good news is that gestures are much easier than using S Pen — so if you want to take multiple screenshots at once or don’t want to use up precious battery life with S Pen usage then consider using gestures instead.

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Last modified: October 4, 2022