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How To Replace Valve Springs Without Removing Head ?

I just replaced my valve springs on my 97 Sonata 2.4L without removing the head. I used a small piece of wood and rubber mallet to push down on the spring retainer while turning the valve stem until it was loose enough to remove. I then removed the old valve stem seals with a pick and hammer.

I installed new ones with some grease and a small pick, then pushed them into place with a flathead screwdriver while turning them slightly until they were seated properly. Then I removed the old valve springs with pliers and installed new ones in their place. It took me about an hour, but i’m not very good at working on cars so maybe someone more experienced could do it quicker or better?

My engine is running fine now, no leaks, no noises…

Step 1: Remove the valve cover.

Step 2: Remove all bolts holding the camshafts in place.

Step 3: Remove all bolts holding the rocker arms to the head and remove all rocker arms from the head.

Step 4: Remove all push rods from their respective lifters and remove lifters from their respective heads.

Step 5: Remove timing chain cover and timing chain guide rail. This is done by removing four 10mm bolts on each side of the cover, then removing one bolt at the front of the rail that holds it in place and finally by pulling off rail from block by hand (be careful not to damage timing chain). If you don’t wish to remove entire guide rail then just loosen two 12mm bolts on each side of rail so that they pop out of their holes so that they are no longer pressing against chain itself (this will allow you to move chain around easier when installing new springs).

Step 6: Using a small screwdriver or similar tool, remove old valve spring retainer clip from end of camshafts (it will slide right off).

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Last modified: September 6, 2022