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How To Remove Kimchi Stain?

Kimchi is a Korean staple food made from fermented vegetables. It’s often served at family gatherings and as an accompaniment to other dishes, such as barbecued meat or fish.

The flavor of kimchi varies depending on the type of vegetable used, with cabbage being the most common ingredient. Other common ingredients include daikon radish, cucumber, scallions and garlic.

Kimchi is made by mixing these ingredients with seasonings like red pepper powder and ginger powder. The mixture is then left to ferment in an earthenware pot for several days before it’s ready to eat.

Kimchi stains are caused when the juice from this fermented vegetable gets on your clothing or other fabrics. The stain can be tough to remove because of its acidic nature. You’ll need to take measures right away if you want to get rid of this stain before it sets into your clothes permanently!

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Last modified: September 6, 2022