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How To Remove Co2 Cartridge From BB Gun?

The CO2 cartridge is the large cylinder that fits into the butt of your gun.

To remove your CO2 cartridge, follow these steps:

Make sure your gun is unloaded, and point it away from anyone or anything that you don’t want to shoot.

Unscrew the barrel from the gun and remove it. This may require a little force, so be careful! If you are having trouble removing it, try pushing in on the end of the barrel while pulling on the barrel itself. This should give you enough room to pull out the barrel with your fingers.

Pull out any remaining shells or BBs from inside the gun by hand. You should see a cylinder inside of this compartment; if not, check your manual for instructions on how to remove it. Make sure that no BBs remain inside of the chamber or barrel after removing all shells and pellets! You don’t want them going off unexpectedly when you shoot again!

Remove any remaining shells from inside of your magazine. You’ll need to do this if you want to reload new BBs into your magazine later on in order to fire them again (or else they may jam). If there aren’t any more shells left in there, then proceed down to Step 7 below!

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Last modified: November 25, 2022