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How To Realm Hop Wow?

With the launch of Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard has added a new feature that allows players to hop between realms using the same WoW account. This is done by accessing the Connected Realms feature, which can be found under the Account tab in the Battle.net client. This allows you to play on other servers without having to create an entirely new account.

However, there are some restrictions and limitations with this feature. For example, if you wish to realm hop WoW, you must be connected to an active character on your main server. You cannot use this feature with an active character on another server or a dead account.

You also cannot use it if your main server is full and there isn’t a spot available for you on another server. If you try to connect with a main server that is full, then you’ll get an error message telling you that there’s no room for another player at this time on that server.

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Last modified: October 31, 2022