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How To Puncture Co2 Cartridge ?

The most common way of puncturing a CO2 cartridge is using a Co2 Cartridge Injector.

This tool is used to puncture the cartridge and release the CO2. It is made of plastic and has two parts. The first part is the handle and the second part is a metal pin that punctures the CO2 cartridge when you press it in.

To use this tool, first make sure that your beer keg has been cleaned thoroughly and then fill it up with water to test if there are any leaks or air bubbles in your lines. This will ensure that your beer dispenser will not leak once it’s filled with beer.

Next, take off the cap on top of the keg, which usually has a pressure release valve attached to it. Then attach an appropriate length gas line from your regulator and connect it to the keg’s pressure release valve. Make sure not to over-pressurize your CO2 tank as this can cause damage or serious injury if there is no relief valve installed on your keg’s pressure release valve.

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Last modified: July 31, 2022