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How To Play Rengar S8 ?

Yesterday, I played Rengar top against a Vlad. It was a really nice matchup for me because of the fact that you can stack up your passive and then just jump on him with your Q and autoattacks.

The game started out great, I had a lot of kill potential on him from level 2 to level 7 and I got a few kills during this period of time. However, after level 7, he became way too strong in team fights and it was impossible for me to do anything against him.

I think the biggest problem is the fact that he is able to get away from me with his W and then deal a lot of damage with his Q + W combo while being tanky enough so that I cannot burst him down myself anymore if he doesn’t die from my first combo (which doesn’t happen very often).

I think this is really annoying because there are no counters for him in lane (except maybe Sejuani) and he can still be useful late game even though he lacks mobility.

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Last modified: August 16, 2022