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How To Play Music Through Usb On Galaxy S5?

If you want to play music through USB on your Galaxy S5, then you are at the right place. The galaxy s5 has a dedicated micro-USB port for charging and synchronizing data with your PC. You can easily transfer any file from your phone to your PC or vice versa. You can also use this port to connect your phone with a USB DAC and use it as a high-quality music player.

The Galaxy S5 has the ability to play music through USB by default but only if you have a device that supports USB Audio Playback (UAP). The UAP is an Android feature that allows you to play audio files directly from a connected storage device or external storage card via USB as if they were downloaded from an online streaming service like SoundCloud or YouTube.

If your computer doesn’t support UAP, then it can’t be used as a music player. So make sure that your PC supports UAP before connecting it with your S5 for playing music.

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Last modified: October 30, 2022