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How To Play A Game On One Monitor And Internet On The Other?

This is pretty easy to do on any modern operating system. You can either use an application like Synergy or X11 forwarding, or you can use VNC. Both methods have their pros and cons – I personally prefer VNC, because you don’t have to run a separate server process and it’s more integrated with your desktop environment.

VNC works by taking over the keyboard and mouse input on one machine (usually your main computer), and sending them to another machine via the network. This means that any program that requires mouse or keyboard interaction (including games) will work over the network as if they were running locally on the other machine.

There are several different ways to use VNC with Steam games:

If you’re using Steam in Big Picture mode, you can use a web browser extension such as this one (requires Chrome) or this one (requires Firefox). The extension will allow you to connect directly to your game without having to fire up Steam on another monitor; it also supports some additional features like chat messages from friends who are playing games on Steam at the same time as you are!

If you’re using Steam in regular windowed mode (the default), then you can use a program called “Steam In-Home.

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Last modified: October 8, 2022