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How To Play 2 Players On Resident Evil 6?

Here are some tips for playing Resident Evil 6 in co-op mode:

  1. The game can be played in local co-op, so if both players have a controller, you can use the same console. If you’re playing with friends and only one of you has a controller, you both need to sign into your PSN account on the same console.
  2. You can also play online as well as local co-op. However, this feature is limited to players who have purchased the full game through the PlayStation Network Store (there is no free trial).
  3. If you want to play online co-op, the two players must be connected via PSN using their own PS3s or PS4s (PS3s are required for splitscreen multiplayer).
  4. If a player has completed their campaign and wants to continue playing with another player without starting over from scratch, they will need to switch off at certain points during gameplay. For example, if Player 1 has completed Chapter 4 and wants to continue playing with Player 2 by switching off at this point, Player 1 will need to finish Chapter 5 before continuing onto Chapter 6 which is where he left off when switching.
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Last modified: October 15, 2022