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How To Pack A Guitar For Shipping Without A Case ?

Packing a guitar for shipping can be a tricky thing. The best way to pack a guitar, in my opinion, is to use a high-quality case and then pack it with plenty of padding.

However, many people don’t have access to such cases or the money to buy one. So, what do you do if you don’t have a case? Here are two suggestions:

1) Use an old blanket or pillowcase and wrap the body of your guitar in it. Then wrap the neck separately so that it doesn’t get damaged by being pressed against the body. Wrap these items in bubble wrap or packing peanuts and place them inside an old cardboard box (or other large box).

2) If you want to take off more risk of damage during transit, take off all the strings and then put the body of your guitar into one side of an old pillowcase or blanket, then put the neck into another side of that same old pillowcase or blanket. Place this inside another cardboard box and seal it up good with packing tape.

Both of these methods should work well enough for shipping without a case when shipping your guitar via FedEx or UPS ground service (or other similar services).

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Last modified: August 2, 2022