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How To Mute Facetime?

FaceTime is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but it can be annoying when someone calls or texts you while you’re trying to focus on something else. Thankfully, it’s easy to block FaceTime calls with a few taps.

Here’s how to mute FaceTime calls running on iOS devices:

On an iPhone or iPad, open the FaceTime app and go to Settings > Mute Calls. You can also do this by tapping the name of the person who’s calling you. If they’re calling from another device like an iPhone or Mac, they’ll receive a message saying that you’ve muted your phone number so they won’t be able to hear any sounds from your phone.

To unblock FaceTime again, just return to Settings > Mute Calls, then tap Unmute My Number.

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Last modified: November 25, 2022