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How To Move A 5th Wheel Camper With A Tractor

When you need to move a 5th wheel camper, it’s important to plan ahead and prepare your vehicle for the task. If you’re moving it yourself, you’ll need a tractor and a trailer. A hitch ball is also required.

The first step is to attach the trailer’s safety chains to the fifth wheel base. This keeps your trailer connected to your truck at all times during transport, even if something were to happen that caused you to lose control of the rig.

Next, attach the hitch ball (also known as an “hitch”) onto the tractor’s frame. You’ll need this in order to connect your truck with your trailer.

Once both pieces of equipment are ready, drive up next to each other so that they are close enough together so that you can safely connect them. Then pull down on the lever on your tractor while pushing down on the lever on your trailer until they lock into place with a loud click sound or thunk sound if they’re not locking properly.

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Last modified: September 4, 2022