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How To Mark An Instagram Message As Unread ?

Instagram is a popular social media platform. It allows users to share photos and short videos that can be edited with filters, text and drawings. Users can also send direct messages and follow each other.

If you want to send a private message to someone, click on the person’s profile picture in the main feed or in their bio to go to their profile page. Click on “Message” on the top right corner of their profile page, enter your message and click “Send.”

You can also click on their name from any post; this will bring up a list of options including “Message.”

You can mark an Instagram message as unread by tapping on the blue dot next to it. This will refresh the page and make it appear as if it has never been viewed before. You can then view the message again or respond to it without having to scroll through your inbox looking for it again.

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Last modified: August 16, 2022