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How To Make Pipe Out Of Foil ?

The foil pipe is a variation on the traditional homemade smoking device. A foil pipe is made using a piece of aluminum foil, usually cut into a square, and a rolling paper. The smoker then places their tobacco or marijuana in the center of the rolling paper, folds it over and seals it with saliva or water.

They then place this in their mouth and use the foil to inhale from it. The smoker can also use their lips to cover the top of the foil and create an air-tight seal around their mouth, allowing them to inhale more smoke from their mouth at once.

Creating Your Own Foil Pipe

There are several ways that you can easily make your own foil pipe at home. One common method involves taking a piece of aluminum foil and folding it into an accordion shape so that you have multiple layers of aluminium as well as having one end open for inhaling out of.

This can be done by folding up two sheets of aluminum foil together so that they create four individual sheets, then folding those in half again so that you have eight sheets total which should look like a folded up accordion when they are all stacked together with one end open for inhaling out.

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Last modified: August 11, 2022